Anne Watson Elementary Library participates in three different fund raising programs each year as well as hosting two Scholastic Book Fairs each year.


The Box Tops for Education Program allows schools to collect box tops and redeem them for ten cents each.


Tyson Foods Project A+ allows schools to redeem labels from Tyson Products showing the pictured logo for twenty-three cents apiece.


Campbell's Labels for Education Program allows schools to redeem labels from Campbell's products for items/products from their educational catalog.  Please note that the rules for the submission for Campbell's labels have changed!!  They no longer accept the entire front label from soup cans, etc.  They now ONLY accept the UPC or barcode area of the label. Some cans have a picture of the Campbell's kid beside this barcode while other have the barcode in yellow to help distinguish it.  Other simply have the barcode by itself.  Please be sure the barcode area of the label is intact when sending your Campbell' s soup labels to the school as that is the portion I send in to the company!

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